Year 1 Thursday: Drawing and Print Modules

Claire Parker Instagram: @funny_little_marks

Being encouraged to experiment with both instinctive mark-making and rigorous perspectival drawing has brought out a tension between freedom and constraint which has felt very real during life in lockdown.

Domino Pateman Instagram: @dominopateman

I enjoyed the drawing exercises we were given and, in lockdown, being forced to use only the space and equipment we had. Following the instructions in the exercises and riffing off them, made me realise I was interested in space itself, how it might be sliced up in different ways and put together again – and how exciting it is to try to represent that as a drawing and in 3D.

Ellen Thornton Instagram: @quiet_ellen

London Bridge Hot Desking

Drawing on old microeconomics text

Francesca Giuliano Instagram:

Drawing has been a revelation for me on CLFA. It has released a lot of creative energy that I hope will, in turn, inform other areas of my practice. A nice surprise was noticing a long-running love of parallel freehand lines and unfinished dangling threads in my textile work from many years ago that is re-emerging in my drawings.

James C

Charcoal and chalk on paper.
Charcoal and chalk on paper.

James Shahdin

Developing and using the contrast between darkness and light as a vehicle to reflect the social and economic climate that has changed throughout my teens and into adulthood.

Laura Madeley Instagram: @lauraraborealis

Today is not just for today

When lockdown wasn’t a lockdown, revisiting previous drawing projects to explore home-based print techniques and create new work was the obvious solution. Breathing new life into a site-specific project about the solar cycle gave me space to reconnect with ideas of time and transition. These images are of work in progress created on the last Saturday session of yr 1. The title is taken from tutor Brian Hodgson’s advice, words which landed somewhere in my head and haven’t left yet, bringing with them ideas about how to combine print, paint and drawing in my practice in year 2.

Mark Engel Instagram: @markusengel27

Return of Nature
An experiment in mark making with charcoal, incense and singeing paper

Dreamscape mark making
An experiment in trance like mark making using charcoal, tea bags, frottage and baby oil.

Nasrin Parvaz Website: Instagram: @nasrin.parvaz

Under lockdown

Under lockdown

Natalie Dee Instagram: @art.journey4

Down Memory Lane

The human psyche has always fascinated me, but it wasn’t until I started this term that I realised how much my work is trying desperately to unravel the mysteries of the mind. This project started with drawing a random cube and some screwed up paper and ended up evoking a surprising childhood memory. Inspired by this process, I am now experimenting with making prints using random objects like masking tape and plastic bags, hoping that these unintentional marks will eventually evoke more and more memories.

Rosie Mayston

Castles in the sky during lockdown

I moved from work grounded in observation to drawings and objects tied to internal states, the result of which was darker and more raw.

Samia Mallek Instagram: @samia.mallek1

Freedom after lockdown

Experimented with ink, charcoal, teabags and watercolours which lead me to an abstract figurative painting.

Sandra Beidas Instagram: @nomadicpens2018

Unconscious memories

When I put these images together for this blog I noticed there were recurring marks and vocabulary. Yet they were produced at different times and with no conscious thoughts of reproducing the same imagery. Are they subconscious memories of the many times I have spent gazing down at landscapes from the air or are they related to something else? Looking forward to CLAF2 to probe more deeply!

Tatiana Solowjowa Instagram: @taniczka_s

Emotional subconscious

Exploration of inner landscapes

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