Making Art in Lockdown

It’s at great expense to others that I have the privilege to enjoy my life at home now, I have relatives who are vulnerable who we are keeping a close eye on, but I feel I’ve been given a chance to have fun with my daughters, having nagged them in the past to work for their exams…all that has been taken away so we are calmer and happier, they are making art too…and no one can see what a mess our house really is! I’m enjoying the friendship with our neighbours and the fact that we can’t go away or stick to any plans because there aren’t any! This time has also really added weight to “You only live once, so live your life!”

We built a summer house in the garden for the kids around 17 years ago, it’s now been converted into my studio (we put a kitchen worktop and an easel in there) and I love going down there to escape. I’m relishing the peace and the time I have to think there, it has given me space to reflect on my life and just do what I really want to do. Experimenting with all the materials I have bought over the years has been fun and the weather has made it easier to utilise the outdoor space, to collect new ideas and to clean up afterwards with the outside tap.

I think the online tuition works not only because we have such a strong and supportive group (tutors and students), but also because we all know each other already having spent a year and a half together, there is always something new on our CLFA What’s app chat and there is a kindness and acceptance between us, which is extremely encouraging. To add to this, I’m finding that You Tube is brimming with of free art lessons during this time.

I’m not the most organised of people, but I find it easier to sort my work on the computer, put my pictures online and discuss them via Zoom with the tutors. It’s almost less distracting than in the classroom. It doesn’t replace seeing people and their art face to face though and the impromptu chats which go with it, so hopefully we’ll meet again!

Thank you everyone for everything and here is some of the art I’ve been making.

Pip Bicknell


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